Sunday, May 1, 2011


Okay so Im confessing on another obsession/collection that I have.....there are many some more important than others. lol  

SAND...yep the soft squishy hot stuff you find on a beach.   Ive been collecting it since my 1st trip to Italy when I was 16.  I have sand from Sicily, Puerto Rico, Georgia, Myrtle Beach SC, Ocean City Maryland, Mexico, Aruba and a few others I can't remember of the top of my head.  My plan is to bottle them and hang pretty tags on them in a pretty coastal sun room in my dream house.

My favorite sand that I have is the most original and meaningful to me because it's from my husband's homeland.  My husband was born in the Commonwealth of Dominica, for those of you who aren't familiar it's where the last Pirates of the Caribbean film was shot.   A beautiful island located in Caribbean Sea, the population is estimated at a little over 72,000.

The sand there is BLACK, yes deep dark black sand with gold colored specks.  I was amazed when my mother-in-law sent some to me.  I have been waiting to put it in a bottle but since the dining room makeover and the new Black/Creme color scheme I decided to do a little project and highlight this beautiful sand and bring some of my husband culture into our decor.   Lord knows he doesn't get too much say in the decor normally because he knows it changes daily. lol

Hope you enjoy this simple and easy project that COST ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Glass jar

Bag of sand from Dominica

Look at how beautiful

My tupperware funnel

I used 2 jars so it filled the bases

I inserted a creme colored taper candle

These cute little glass jars flank the large gold mirror on top of the altar table in the dining room.



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