Saturday, May 28, 2011

As i am new to blogging i keep searching ways to improve my blog as much as i can, i started my blog in this only in feb.,and has learnt a lot till now. While googling something about blogger and blogging tips , many times i come accross the article regarding the blogging platform which is the best ,blogger and wordpress ,their comparision,

HERE is my opinion about it:-
I simply likes blogger platform because it is quite simple ,easy to use,and quite powerful,Well as a beginner i didn't find any difficulty in blogging with blogger,its simple to work on it,using widgets is very much simple,just copy,paste works. and now blogger has a lot new features to offer.

also i heard that adding plugins in wordpress is quite difficult,but in blogger there is no difficulty in adding plugins.
So i am gonna stick with blogger, and will recommend blogger to every blogger,
Add to it ,blogger is a Google product,and i just love blogger and google...


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