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foto mesra syahrini anangGosip artis selebritis terbaru - Fans Dukung Anang dan Syahrini Pacaran, Anang & Syahrini Didukung Ribuan Fans Untuk Pacaran wow apakah akan terwujud.

Penyanyi Anang dan penyangi Syahrini seksi semakin terlihat mesra dalam setiap penampilannya. Bahkan, Anang tampak beberapa kali mencium Syahrini di atas panggung. Kini, pasangan duet itu pun didukung untuk pacaran oleh ribuan penggemar mereka.

Hal itu pun diungkapkan Anang dan Syahrini saat berbincang-bincang dengan detikhot di ruko kawasan Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan, Jumat (30/4/2010). Anang pun mengungkapkan ada 2000 orang yang minta supaya ia menjadi kekasih Syahrini.

"2000 orang dari Surabaya yang menamakan diri Ansani, Anang Syahrini Fans Club. Dan, 2000 orang itu akan berdemo jika kita tidak jadian," ujar mantan suami Krisdayanti itu.

Tak hanya itu, Syahrini pun mengaku ada satu orang yang sangat berharap supaya mereka jadian. Bahkan orang tersebut siap mengelilingi Indonesia hanya untuk minta tandatangan supaya menyetujui hubungan cinta mereka.

"Iya, dia mau keliling Indonesia cuma buat minta tandatangan masyarakat," ucap perempuan asal Bogor, Jawa Barat itu.

Lihat juga info Koleksi Foto Syahrini, ada juga foto mesra mereka berdua yang lain selain yang diatas.

Nominasi IMA 2010Kabar selebritis terbaru - Nominasi IMA 2010 - Daftar INDONESIAN MOVIE AWARDS 2010

Dunia perfilman Indonesia mulai bangkit sejak akhir tahun 1990-an. Kini, rata-rata lebih dari 40 judul film yang dibuat setiap tahunnya. Sebagai bentuk apresiasi terhadap karya anak bangsa di dunia perfilman Indonesia,

maka RCTI akan mengadakan sebuah acara penghargaan bagi karya-karya terbaik di dunia perfilman lewat ajang INDONESIAN MOVIE AWARDS 2010.

nominasi yang akan mendapat penghargaan sebagai yang terbaik dan terfavorit.

Daftar Lengkap nominasi indonesia movie award 2010 disini

festival Indonesian Movie Awards (IMA) kembali digelar. Ajang apresiasi sekaligus pesta para insan perfilman ini akan digelar di Jitec, Mangga Dua, Jakarta pada 5 Mei 2010 mendatang.

Para insan perfilman akan berlomba memperebutkan 15 piala layar emas, yang terdiri dari 7 penghargaan kategori terfavorit dan 8 penghargaan kategori terbaik.

Ada yang unik dari ajang IMA tahun ini. Setelah tahun lalu dewan juri tidak memberikan spesial awards, maka tahun 2010 ini akan ada penghargaan khusus bagi pemeran anak-anak terbaik.

Sedangkan film-film yang akan terdata adalah film yang dirilis sepanjang 1 Maret 2009 hingga 28 Febuari 2010 yang berjumlah 81 film. Namun hingga masa pendaftaran ditutup, hanya 36 film yang berpartisipasi. Film-film itu terdiri dari 15 film drama, 11 komedi, dan sisanya horor, laga, dokumenter, dan religi.

Kejutan datang dari film Jermal produksi Ecco Films Indonesia. Film yang dibintangi oleh Didi Petet itu mendapat nominasi terbanyak yaitu 6 nominasi untuk pemeran utama pria terbaik, pemeran pembantu pria terbaik, pendatang baru pria terbaik, pasangan terbaik, special awards, dan nominasi film terfavorit.

Siapa yahh kira-kira yang akan jadi pemenang IMA 2010 ini ?

Grey Skies ~

         Rain, Rain go away... on second thought, come back!  We're having terrible storms this week.  However, I don't mind.  I'm one of those people that love thunderstorms.  I love the look of the sky, the sound of thunder and the rainbow that appears once the clouds have cleared..

Another reason I love rain ~ umbrellas!  I look for any reason to bring out a Chantal Thomass umbrella. She makes striking umbrellas that will make you wish for grey skies!

My favourite umbrella to carry ~ Noeud Drape

A chic umbrella is an essential in every wardrobe.  Unfortunately, the tote umbrella has destroyed the romance of carrying a fabulous umbrella.

I'm always puzzled by the number of people that spend much thought on their ensemble only to carry a revolting umbrella.

I feel it's the final touch to chic silhouette.  Not only is it a beautiful item to carry in your hand, it gives instant allure.

                                                                   My top umbrella picks ~

Guy de Jean "Cancan" ~ she's on my Mother's Day wishlist

Bella Umbrella Signature Pagoda ~ I just purchased this one in ravishing red but have yet to receive it.  This fabulous umbrella comes in an array of colours!
Chantal Thomass ~ Tulle Fronce.  This doesn't seem practical but yet, I'm not a practical girl either

Pasotti Pink Dahlia

Of course, I'm smitten with anything from Ladurée

Lulu Guinness' whimsical Birdcage umbrella 

No rain?  No problem!  Parasols are great to shield the sun.

In Paris, be sure to stop by Madeleine Gély's on avenue Saint-Germain ~ A charming shop with a large selection, also accepts special orders.

Have a beautiful weekend!  xoxo, B

Gallery Koleksi Foto Syahrini, foto hot syahrini, foto bugil syahrini, foto artis indonesia, mau liat dan koleksi artis dan sekaligus penyanyi cantik syahrini klik aja gambar syahrini ini, ini untuk liat koleksi fotonya di blog foto artis indonesia.

Klik gambar tuk Lihat Koleksi foto Syahrini

koleksi foto syahrini

Gallery Koleksi Foto Syahrini

Syahrini lahir di Bogor, Jawa Barat, 1 Agustus 1982 adalah seorang penyanyi berkebangsaan Indonesia. Album perdana sarjana hukum dari Universitas Pakuan Bogor ini adalah My Lovely yang dirilis pada 2008. Sebelum merilis album pertama, anak kedua dari tiga bersaudara ini pernah menyanyi untuk album kompilasi film Coklat Stroberi dengan judul lagu "Tatapan Cinta".

Daewoo may be General Motors’ only established brand in the Korean auto market, but it will soon add another: Chevrolet. GM revealed today at the Busan motor show that it will begin selling bowtie-badged vehicles in South Korea in 2011.

The Alpheon is being positioned in the Korea market as a luxury model at the top of the Daewoo range. It is fitted with a 3.0-liter V6 and a six-speed automatic transmission. GM Daewoo said the car will go on sale in the second half of the year.

GM Daewoo says the "Alpheon becomes a stand-alone luxury product brand in GM Daewoo's product portfolio." Much like its Korean couterpart, Hyundai, have made inroads into the luxury sedan segment with the Genesis model.

Press Release

GM Daewoo's All-New Luxury Sedan Debuts at 2010 Busan International Motor Show

Alpheon is GM Daewoo's entry into the upper-midsize segment

Busan, Korea - GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo) unveiled its much-anticipated luxury sedan, the Alpheon, at the 2010 Busan International Motor Show today.

"With the introduction of the all-new Alpheon luxury sedan, we have added another attractive model to our product portfolio and our first entry in the fast-growing upper-midsize segment in Korea," said GM Daewoo President and CEO Mike Arcamone. "I am confident that the Alpheon will surpass the demands of the most sophisticated luxury sedan buyers in Korea."

Another highlight of the GM Daewoo stand is a seven-seat compact multi-purpose vehicle, the Orlando show car, which is making its first appearance at an international motor show in Asia.

In addition, GM Daewoo has on display the Lacetti Premiere and GentraX race cars, and a Matiz mini-car artistically wrapped in pink.

With "Advancing Style" as its theme for this year's Busan International Motor Show, GM Daewoo has 18 vehicles on display that showcase its automotive industry design expertise.

Alpheon - Stylish Luxury Sedan

The Alpheon is based on the same GM global architecture as the Buick LaCrosse, one of the three finalists for 2010 North American Car of the Year.

GM designers and engineers from Asia, Europe and North America targeted the luxury sedan as a global product that would meet the highest quality and performance standards in the most sophisticated markets.

At first glance, the Alpheon's sculpting design flows in all directions, giving the vehicle a tightly wrapped appearance and a fast, coupe-like profile. Its dynamic and elegant body styling is highlighted by sharp side lines, short overhangs and fenders wrapped precisely around large wheel housings, giving it the presence of an upscale large sedan (2,837-mm wheelbase and 4,995mm body length).

With a unique emblem on its front "waterfall" grille, the Alpheon becomes a stand-alone luxury product brand in GM Daewoo's product portfolio.

The innovative design philosophy continues in the Alpheon's interior. The flowing shape of its instrument panel design offers a distinct, confident and upscale impression. The refined look is an integrated center stack design that incorporates ice-blue light-emitting diode (LED) ambient lighting along with premium infotainment features. Adding to the use of soft-touch materials and low-gloss trim panels rather than traditional wood applications is indicative of exceptional and luxurious craftsmanship.

Powered by a 3.0-liter V-6 engine combined with a six-speed automatic transmission, the Alpheon will ensure responsive performance when it is launched in the second half of this year in Korea.

Our friend and bright colleague, Joshua Kurlantzick did a solid piece for on Obama's export goals which target small businesses. Here's my favorite snippet from his article:

Unfortunately, the gap between political rhetoric and real-world reality is wide. A mere 4 percent of U.S. small businesses export, according to the Small Business Administration. Indeed, Fortune 500 firms dominate exports, even though they comprise a small percentage of U.S. businesses.
We thank Joshua for reaching out to us and including our remarks in his article. Read it here and get on the export express train!


In 1992 the singer Vanessa Paradis branched out in a new direction, replacing the top model Inès de la Fressange as the face of Chanel's perfume "Coco".

Jean-Paul Goude made a memorable advert for the perfume, filming Vanessa as a whistling exotic black bird swinging in a bird cage in Coco Chanel’s apartment. That definitely needs some courage!

Here is the Video of 19 year old Vanessa.

Playful and eye-catching Chanel coins charm bracelet

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hot lady gaga Berita artis dunia terkini, Lady Gaga Artis Paling Berpengaruh Didunia Versi Time 2010,

Majalah Time kembali merilis 100 orang paling berpengaruh di dunia. Dalam jajaran artis paling berpengaruh, tahun 2010 ini terpilih Lady Gaga di posisi puncak. Ada kejutan dengan masuknya nama Robbert Pattinson.

Time mengkategorikan orang paling berpengaruh dalam 4 hal yakni pemimpin, pahlawan, artis dan pemikir. Dalam jajaran artis, Time memberi daftar 25 artis yang paling berpengaruh. Kali ini ada sedikit kejutan dalam daftar itu.

Lady Gaga, seperti dilansir, Jumat (30/4/2010), menduduki posisi paling atas sebagai artis paling berpengaruh. Ini tentu tidak mengejutkan mengingat Gaga memang luar biasa tahun ini. Ia diganjar Grammy dan merevolusi industri musik.

"Kebanyakan staf radio tidak sangat cerdas. Tapi Gaga memperlihatkan idenya dengan tindakan yang sangat memuaskan. Dia memiliki kepekaan pop yang luar biasa," kata Cyndi Lauper, aktris dan penyanyi Amerika Serikat (AS) yang memenangkan nominasi Emmy Award dan Grammy Award.

25 Artis Paling Berpengaruh di Dunia

Dalam daftar orang paling berpengaruh di dunia, majalah Time memasukkan nama 25 artis. Di posisi puncak artis paling berpengaruh disandang Lady Gaga. Siapa saja mereka selain Gaga?

Kejutan muncul dengan masuknya Robert Pattinson dalam 25 artis paling berpengaruh di dunia. Pattinson menempati posisi ke-6 jauh di atas artis pemenang Oscar Sandra Bullock dan sutradara 'Avatar' James Cameron.

Sandra yang akhir-akhir ini banyak diberitakan terkait perselingkuhan sang suami, Jesse James, hanya menempati posisi ke-22. Sementara James Cameron yang melahirkan film-film box office menempati posisi paling buncit, kalah jauh dibandingkan sang mantan istri, Kathryn Bigelow yang berada di posisi ketiga.

Berikut daftar 25 artis paling berpengaruh versi Time:

1. Lady Gaga

2. Conan O'Brien

3. Kathryn Bigelow

4. Oprah Winfrey

5. Valery Gergiev

6. Robert Pattinson

7. Ashton Kutcher

8. Suzanne Collins

9. Taylor Swift

10. Neil Patrick Harris

11. Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof

12. Prince

13. Lea Michele

14. Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik

15. Simon Cowell

16. Neill Blomkamp

17. Elton John

18. Marc Jacobs

19. David Chang

20. Banksy

21. Chetan Bhagat

22. Sandra Bullock

23. Ricky Gervais

24. Han Han

25. James Cameron

Lady Gaga Beraksi Dengan Payudara Dipasangi Kembang Api

Penyanyi Lady Gaga dipilih majalah Time sebagai artis paling berpengaruh. Berpose untuk Time, Lady terlihat membiarkan dadanya dipasangi kembang api.

Si Poker Face itu mengenakan bra berbahan metal. Selain bra tersebut tidak ada lagi yang menutupi payudaranya. Bra tersebut dihiasi kembang api. Saat dipotret oleh Time, kembang api itu pun menyala.

Dalam posenya, Gaga sama sekali tidak terlihat takut meski ada kembang api menyala di atas payudaranya. Ia malah bersedekap dan berpose dengan bibir terbuka.

Dilansir New York Magazine, Jumat (30/4/2010), Gaga, juga tampak mengenakan bra yang sama ketika ia diwawancara untuk Time. Dalam video wawancaranya, penyanyi yang duet bareng Beyonce itu mengungkapkan siapa orang yang paling berpengaruh untuknya. Orang tersebut adalah ahli psikospiritual Deepak Chopra.

Time memilih Gaga sebagai artis berpengaruh bukan tanpa alasan. Sejak 2009 lalu sampai 2010 ini, penyanyi 24 tahun itu cukup berprestasi dan fenomenal.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

John Tozzi, small business reporter for BusinessWeek and U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary Locke brainstorm about how the U.S. government plans to boost small business exports. They address three key issues:

1. What stops most small businesses from exporting?

2. How will the Obama Administration double exports in five years?

3. Some people argue that growing exports depends more on the value of the dollar, and there's not much from a policy point of view that the U.S. can do to boost exports.

Read the entire Q&A here.

Voilà! Hermès slim envelope shape Lydie bag with a classic "H" closure made in the 70's. You can carry the bag as a clutch or a shoulder. Makes it even more special considering that its no longer in production and will never again be in the endangered species in the Land of Purses! Victoria Beckham is one of the lucky "lydies" to own it.

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ridho rhoma gosip beritaGosip terbaru dan terkini selebritis, Ridho Rhoma & Cathy Sharon Bermain Bareng di film Dawai 2 Asmara,

Ridho Rhoma dan Cathy Sharon sudah lama digosipkan menjalin cinta. Gosip tersebut menjadi kenyataan dalam film 'Dawai 2 Asmara'. Tapi lagi-lagi Ridho menampik punya hubungan khusus dengan kakak Julie Estele itu.

Dalam film yang dibintangi bersama Rhoma Irama itu, Ridho melakoni beberapa adegan mesra dengan Cathy. Apakah pasangan ini akan terlibat cinta lokasi alias cinlok? Ridho menegaskan isu itu tidak akan terjadi. Katanya, ia ingin profesional menjalin hubungan dengan Cathy sharon.

cathy sharon"Sama Cathy, I wanna be professional," ujar Ridho saat ditemui di lokasi syuting 'Dawai 2 Asmara' di Villa Badak Air, Ciawi, Jawa Barat, Rabu (28/4/2010).

Ridho dan Cathy sempat terlihat bersama di Bandara Soekarno Hatta beberapa waktu lalu. Saat itu Ridho membantah kalau memiliki hubungan khusus. Menurutnya, Cathy dan dirinya hanya sebatas rekan kerja.

Lalu, bagaimana menurut Ridho tentang sosok Cathy?

"Cathy itu orangnya baik, kalau lagi bercanda orangnya asyik. Ya kita deket di sini sebagai profesional saja, bukan karena yang lain," jelasnya.

Kira-kira bagaimana cerita film Dawai 2 Asmara ? nantikan saja.

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iron man 2 - film terbaruFilm terbaru, Iron Man 2 - Karakter-karakter Film Iron Man 2, Dibandingkan film pertamanya, 'Iron Man 2' menghadirkan lebih banyak karakter dalam ceritanya. Yuk, kita intip karakter-karakter yang akan eksis di film garapan sutradara Jon Favreau itu.

Tony Stark Alias Iron Man

Karakter Tony Stark tentunya masih diperankan oleh aktor Robert Downey Jr. Jon Favreau sebelumnya sempat mengungkapkan kalau 'Iron Man 2' akan menampilkan sisi negatif Stark, yaitu soal kecanduannya terhadap alkohol.

Selain itu, Stark juga akan tampil dengan jubah perang barunya. Kostum Iron Man rancangan Mary Zophres kali ini lebih bersudut tajam. Perbedaan pun sangat terlihat pada pundaknya. Pundak si manusia besi yang baru mirip dengan baju perang ala gladiator.

Virginia "Pepper" Potts

Karakter Pepper yang diperankan lagi oleh Gwyneth Paltrow tidak lagi menjadi asisten pribadi Stark di 'Iron Man 2'. Kini Pepper menjabat sebagai CEO Stark Industries menggantikan Obadiah Stane.

Lt. Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes Alias War Machine

Jika menyaksikan film pertamanya, Anda pasti sudah bisa menebak kalau Rhodey akan mengenakan kostum War Machine di sekuelnya. Tapi kali ini, karakter Rhodey tidak diperankan lagi oleh aktor Terrence Howard dan digantikan oleh Don Cheadle. Kabarnya, Jon Favreau merasa tidak nyaman bekerjasama dengan Howard.

Ivan Vanko Alias Whiplash

Mickey Rourke yang berperan sebagai Ivan Vanko sepertinya akan menjadi pusat perhatian di film ini. Ivan Vanko merupakan peleburan karakter Blacklash dan Crimson Dynamo dari versi komiknya. Sama seperti Stark, Ivan juga mengenakan power pack di dadanya.

Untuk mendalami perannya, Rourke sempat mengunjungi penjara Butyrka di Rusia. Selain melatih bahasa Rusia, Rourke ingin melihat langsung bagaimana kehidupan para penjahat di sana.

Natalia Romanova Alias Black Widow

Sebelumnya sempat muncul spekulasi Black Widow akan menjadi karakter jahat di 'Iron Man 2', namun spekulasi tersebut ternyata salah. Di film ini, Natalia Romanova menjadi agen rahasia Strategic Hazard Intervention, Espionage Logistics Directorate (S.H.I.E.L.D) dan menyamar sebagai asisten Stark.

Karakter Black Widow pun diperankan oleh Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett dipilih oleh Jon setelah Emily Blunt hengkang dari penggarapan 'Iron Man'.

Justin Hammer

Justin Hammer yang diperankan oleh aktor Sam Rockwel merupakan musuh utama Iron Man. Hammer akan bekerja sama dengan Ivan Vanko untuk menghancurkan Stark.

Meski tidak mengetahui seluk-beluk Hammer, Rockwel langsung sepakat ketika ditawarkan Jon untuk memerankan karakter tersebut. Ia pun sempat kaget ketika mengetahui Hammer adalah sosok pria tua di komiknya.

Nick Fury

Awalnya Samuel L. Jackson enggan untuk memerankan karakter Nick Fury, bos S.H.I.E.L.D karena tidak cocok dengan nilai kontrak yang ditawarkan Marvel. Namun, setelah melakukan negosiasi ulang, Samuel akhirnya sepakat beraksi sebagai Fury di sembilan film Marvel.

Total ada tujuh karakter utama yang bakal eksis di 'Iron Man 2'. Nah, jadi semakin penasaran kan? 'Iron Man 2' akan rilis di bioskop mulai Jumat (30/4/2010) mendatang.

Foto Maria Ozawa Aka Miyabi Seksi Pakai Baju Ungu, Yang Lalu ada Gambar Foto Miyabi Seksi Pakai Rok Mini Sekarang Nah buat para miyabi lovers ingin mengoleksi foto-foto sang idola …kali ini Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi terlihat Seksi Pakai Baju Ungu.

porno miyabi maria ozawa bugil telanjang miyabi maria ozawa bugil telanjang miyabi maria ozawa bugil telanjang

Gallery Foto Seksi Miyabi maria ozawa Tidak Bugil , tidak telanjang.

Buat Yang Mau Liat Koleksi-koleksi foto artis indonesia yang seksi-seksi dan cantik

Nokia N8 - Harga, Spesifikasi Nokia N8 - Info gadget Nokia N8, harga Nokia N8

Nokia N8 - Harga, Spesifikasi Nokia N8

Nokia secara resmi mengumumkan ponsel cerdasnya yang memiliki kemampuan kamera hingga 12 MP, yaitu N8.

Harga Nokia N8

Nokia N8 ini akan meluncur pertama kalinya di Inggris selama kuartal ketiga tahun 2010, harga eceran diperkirakan adalah 370 euro atau sekira Rp4.490.000, sebelum pajak yang berlaku atau subsidi. Menurut produsen tersebut N8 memudahkan pelangganya tersambung ke jaringan sosial favorit, dan menikmati on-demand Web program TV dan toko aplikasi Ovi aplikasi.

Kelebihan Nokia N8

Seperti diduga sebelumnya Nokia N8 merupakan handset pertama yang menggunakan Symbian^3, edisi terbaru dari perangkat lunak smartphone. Beberapa fitur tambahan, termasuk dukungan untuk gerakan seperti multi-touch, film dan zoom in-to-zoom untuk menambah pengalaman.

nokia 8Nokia N8, seperti dikutip Crow De Brain, Rabu (28/4/2010) menawarkan beberapa personalisable homescreens yang dapat dimuat dengan aplikasi dan widget. Handset ini juga akan memberikan user interface yang lebih responsif. Dengan dukungan Symbian^3 memungkinkan aplikasi untuk berjalan secara paralel untuk pengalaman multitasking lebih cepat.

Dengan kamera 12 megapiksel dengan optik Carl Zeiss, lampu kilat Xenon dan sensor besar yang ditemukan di kamera digital kompak. Selain itu, N8 memungkinkan untuk merekam video HD berkualitas dan mengeditnya menggunakan editing suite. Menikmati video HD berkualitas dengan Dolby Digital Plus surround sound dengan menghubungkan handset ke sistem home theater mereka.

Ponsel ini juga menjadi perangkat pertama Nokia yang diintegrasikan dengan Qt, sebuah lingkungan pengembangan perangkat lunak yang menyederhanakan pengembangan dan memungkinkan untuk membangun aplikasi menggunakan seluruh platform perangkat lunak Symbian dan lainnya.

Spesifikasi Nokia N8


* Jaringan: 2G GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900, 3G HSDPA 900 / 1900 / 2100 (HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100 – versi Amerika)

* Model: Candybar Kendali Touchscren

* Screen: TFT touchscreen kapasitif, warna 16M, 4,0 inci, Jarak sensor untuk auto turn-off, Accelerometer sensor untuk auto-memutar UI

* OS: OS Symbian ^ 3

* Kamera: 12 MP, 4000×3000 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Xenon flash, Geo-tagging, dan deteksi wajah tersenyum, video 720p @ 24fps, kamera VGA untuk panggilan video

* Koneksi: GPRS Class 32, EDGE Class 32, HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps, HSUPA, 5,76 Mbps, Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g, teknologi UPnP, Bluetooth v3.0 dengan A2DP, microUSB v2.0

* Memory: internal 32 GB penyimpanan, sebuah microSD eksternal, sampai 32GB

* Aplikasi: SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, IM, Games

* Browser: WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML, RSS feeds, JAVA MIDP 2,1

* Warna Pilihan: Putih, Hitam, Hijau

* Baterai: Li-Po

Fitur lain Nokia N8:

* Stereo FM radio dengan RDS, FM transmitter

* Digital kompas

* MP3/WMA/WAV/eAAC + player

* MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV pemain

* Suara perintah / dial

* Document viewer (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF)

* Video / photo editor

* Flash Lite 3

* T9

Nokia N8 - Harga, Spesifikasi Nokia N8 - Info gadget Nokia N8, harga Nokia N8

In celebration of the April 26 world premiere of Iron Man 2 in Los Angeles, Audi of America, Inc. announced that it is launching a social media competition called “The Tony Stark Innovation Challenge” in support of its prominent presence in the film.

This is actually a social media competition which asks for the competitors to submit an up to two-minute video that displays their ideas for better living through the use of technology. The winner of the Audi Tony Stark Innovation Challenge will receive a 15,000 USD prize to fund the idea.

Tony Stark is forgoing weapons manufacturing and adopting a new business philosophy. As part of his latest venture, Tony has joined forces with the Stark Expo and Audi to challenge you to submit ideas for "Better Living through Technology."

Tony Stark will be seen throughout Iron Man 2 in his Audi R8 Spyder, the new soft top convertible version of the R8 super car which was featured in the first Iron Man. In addition to the R8 Spyder, the A8 sedan will also be showcased in the film.

Audi Tony Stark Innovation Challenge Audi Tony Stark Innovation Challenge Audi Tony Stark Innovation Challenge Audi Tony Stark Innovation Challenge Audi Tony Stark Innovation Challenge Audi Tony Stark Innovation Challenge

Press Release

Audi announces “The Tony Stark Innovation Challenge”

- Contest calls for ideas for “living better through technology”

- Winner receives $15,000 to help fund their idea and a tech-lovers’

- Social media program to support the Audi Iron Man 2 integration

HERNDON, Va., Apr 27, 2010 - In celebration of the April 26 world
premiere of Paramount Pictures and Marvel Entertainment’s Iron Man 2 in Los
Angeles, Audi of America, Inc., announced that it is launching a social
media competition called “Stark Expo & Audi Present: The Tony Stark
Innovation Challenge” in support of its prominent presence in the film,
which releases on May 7. Beginning April 28, consumers can submit up to
two-minute videos that showcase their ideas for better living through the
use of technology, just as Tony Stark did with the Stark Expo. Participants
then must rally members of their Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social
media networks to rate, comment, and discuss their ideas. Full contest
information and rules are available at

“Achieving progress through technology is the message behind Iron Man 2,
and this idea is fundamental to Audi,” said Scott Keogh, Chief Marketing
Officer, Audi of America. “The partnership in Iron Man 2 celebrates our
shared focus on innovation, and this contest allows anyone with a great idea
to not just express it, but potentially make a true difference within their

“The Tony Stark Innovation Challenge” mirrors Tony Stark’s desire to take
Stark Industries in a new direction, using his vast intellect and resources
to eradicate problems through technology. Submissions will be judged by Audi
on their ability to:

• Make the world a better place by solving a problem or improving an
existing solution

• Articulate and demonstrate expertise of the “better living through
technology” philosophy

• Have a scalability and adaptability to potentially change the way we live

• Showcase innovation, adventures, and intelligence worthy of Audi and Tony

• Appeal to the general audience as viewer ratings will help determine top

The winner will receive:

• $15,000 in funding to develop their concept

• Their experience documented and featured on

• A four-day trip for two to California including air transportation, hotel
and meals

• Transportation in the latest innovation from Audi, the 2011 A8

• Spa treatments, tailored cocktail attire, and grooming to perfect their
Stark style

• A tour of Audi Design Center in Santa Monica

• A VIP day with the ICON Aircraft team, joining them in flight and water
testing of the innovative ICON A5 aircraft (one of Tony Stark’s toys)

• A day at the Audi Sports Car Experience to drive Tony Stark’s favorite
car, the Audi R8 on a racetrack

Audi will also be lending its support to the film through activities
including a month-long late night TV and national cable campaign and an
online presence on and The brand is also unveilng
an all-new Audi Iron Man ad that will run in cinemas in the month leading up
to the film release. Additionally, Audi is sponsoring the re-launch of that will include a digital comic book featuring the R8 Spyder.

Tony Stark will be seen throughout Iron Man 2 in his Audi R8 Spyder, the
new soft top convertible version of the R8 super car which was featured in
the first Iron Man. In addition to the R8 Spyder, the A8 sedan will also be
showcased in the film.

The video submission period starts April 28, 2010 and ends June 9, 2010.
The voting period starts April 28, 2010 and ends June 13, 2010. Approved
submissions will be posted to the site within 48 hours. Users can rate video
submissions once per day, for the length of the contest participation period
on a scale from one to five. Final ratings will be calculated toward the
final score of each entry and will help determine the grand prize winner.
Finalists will be selected shortly after the submissions end. Clearance,
notifications and interviews will take place between June 17, 2010 and June
25, 1010, and the winner will be announced the week of June 28, 2010. Prizes
will be redeemed in August 2010. Submissions are only accepted in English
and from residents of the 50 U.S. and D.C. who are 18 and over and who
possess a valid driver’s license.

I was sent a complimentary copy of "Built to Sell: Turn Your Business Into One You Can Sell," and read it one recent rainy Sunday afternoon. I am sure the author, John Warrillow, was hoping I'd write a favorable review about it on this blog. His hope has turned into a reality. It's a great little book and I highly recommend it to anyone who runs a business with the desire, at some point, to sell it.

I liked the simplicity of the book so much that when John followed up with me, we decided to conduct a Q&A so readers -- that's you! -- could get a true understanding of what the book's about and why he wrote it in the first place. Here's the result.

LD: Why did you write "Built to Sell?" What's in it for you? What's in it for your reader?

JW: I used to own a market research company with a special niche of studying business owners. One statistic that jumped out at me was that more than half of all business owners want to exit their companies in the next 10 years yet just one percent successfully sell their company each year.

"Built to Sell" is about how to build a valuable company you could sell – whether you want to sell next year, 10 years down the road or would just like to sleep well at night knowing you could sell your business if and when you’re ready.

LD: Does your ideal reader have a particular age or revenue base?

JW: The ideal reader is a business owner whose growth has stalled and they feel trapped by their business. Customers ask to speak to the owner, the owner gets involved in serving customers and then customers have the expectation the owner will serve them the next time. With customers loyal to the owner, they reach a ceiling they can’t bust through.

LD: In addition to a business owner building a business where "they" are the business, what is the second biggest mistake owners make when they are ready to sell their business and why?

JW: Assuming the offer they receive is a binding deal. When an acquirer makes an offer for your business, it is typically a non-binding letter of intent. Many business owners see the offer and spend the money in their mind without realizing that the acquirer can walk away at any time during due diligence with no penalty. Their offer is often discounted during diligence (I spoke with a deal lawyer for an article I was writing and he claimed 100% of the deals he has worked involved a discount in price between the offer letter and the binding agreement) so there is still a lot of work and negotiation to be done between agreeing to a non-binding letter of intent and a binding agreement.

LD: How important is a company's international base of customers when they go to sell their business? For example, say my company sells to more than 27 countries and generates 33% of its overall sales overseas. How attractive is that to a potential buyer? If it depends, how so and why? What is the likelihood then that my company might be acquired by a company located in another country? What's it based on?

JW: I think having international customers will increase your value and you’ll get a better multiple for your business when you sell. The price you get for your business is governed by supply and demand – the more people who want to buy your company, the higher the price you’ll get. With international customers you will be seen as an international company and buyers may come from countries where you have customers.

The weakness of the U.S. dollar in relation to some other world currencies also means you should definitely include countries outside of the U.S. as possible acquirers. For example, two years ago, the Canadian dollar was worth 78 cents to the U.S. dollar. Today the currencies are at par, meaning Canadians are buying more U.S. businesses with their newly strengthened currency.

LD: One of the tips you offer in your book is positioning your service business as a product business by way of a process. Without giving away too much, can you explain how that came about and touch on its advantages?

JW: Acquirers try to quickly put your business into one of two buckets when they are evaluating a possible purchase: They have a “service business bucket” and a “product business bucket.” If you get stuck in the service business bucket, they will reason that the assets are the people, and they will value your business much lower (lower multiple etc.). Whatever money you do get for your business will be tied to a risky 3-5 year “earn out” which involves trading your ownership stake in your company for a glorified job in the acquiring company. An earn out is the enemy for any entrepreneur so you want to do whatever you can to get put in the “product business bucket” and get as much of your cash up front.

LD: What tactical steps should small business owners be taking now to maximize value for when they sell their business? If they have a product or service offering that is not scaleable, would you suggest they scrap it and start over or ...?

JW: Yes. In a recession, it's tempting to offer more stuff to grasp whatever revenue you can, but that revenue comes at an unacceptable cost in the time and money it takes away from what you’re best at. Jim Hindman identified oil changes as the one service of the typical auto service center that could scale beyond him. He started Jiffy Lube and ultimately sold it for $42 million. Arguably now more than ever it is important to be the world’s best at one thing rather than being good at a lot of things.

LD: If there was one strategic thing that a business owner should focus on while building a great, enduring enterprise that can be sold later on for a gazillion dollars, what would it be?

JW: Create a positive cash flow cycle by charging for all or some of your product/service up front. A positive cash flow cycle will allow you to use your customers' money to grow your business without going outside for capital, and when you’re ready to sell you’ll get a higher multiple because the acquirer does not need to commit extra cash to fund the day-to-day operations of your business.

There are lots of examples of companies that have turned their cash flow model from negative to positive. Probably one of the most famous is Dell. At Dell they used to pay for the inventory to build the computers and then advertise to get a customer to call. They had to outlay all of the cash from the inventory and advertising and almost choked on their own growth. Now they take the customers' money and wait to order the parts based on orders they received. They process the customers' credit card when they make the purchase and don’t pay their vendors for 60 or 90 days, allowing them to use their customers' cash to fund the business.

LD: If you had it to do all over again, what would you have done differently in terms of how you built and sold your first company?

JW: I’ve started and exited four companies. My first was a graphic design company where we would do anything for a buck. I had read too many books about how the “customer is king” and heard too many stories like the guy who returns snow tires to Nordstrom’s despite not buying them there (Nordstrom’s doesn’t sell snow tires). I mistakenly believed the key to an enduring business is treating the customer well. Now I think that’s crap. A business owner needs to lead their customers by offering something of value on terms that allow the business owner to scale their company. I wasted a lot of time bending over backwards trying to “serve” customers when I should have picked one service, taught others to execute and built a business. Instead we were just a collection of people, hawking hours.

LD: With the Internet and globalization, how do you see the future when it comes to buying and selling businesses? Will it be easier, more competitive, more complex or all of the above?

JW: It's becoming a lot more fluid and global. In the past, if you wanted to sell your business, you had to rely on a business broker who knew your local geographic market. Now the same broker will list your company for sale on and get access to potential buyers from around the world.

More information can be found here:

Go here for an overview of the book.
Visit Warrillow's blog here.
His column in The Globe & Mail (Canada's national newspaper) here.
And his website:

Posted by: The Global Small Business Blog

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