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2010 Lucra LC470

Following up on the impressive debut of the LC470, the design team re-examined every part of the car to refine and improve the design wherever possible. Over 50 years of racecar building experience, coupled with the latest computer-aided design technology, went into the LC470. The Lucra LC470 boasts incredible performance and drivability in a street-legal lightweight sports car. ??Performance is aided by the powder-coated, seamless, 4" drawn-over-mandrel steel tube used in chassis construction, which contributes to the great power-to-weight ratio and helps the car to a 9-second quarter mile at 149 mph. Okay, a 9-second car isn't for everyone, but the base model 375hp LC470 (the most modest of our performers) delivers a 3.4 second 0-60, and a 11.6-second quarter mile at 129 mph.

The LC470 delivers a figure-eight time quicker than the Ferrari F430 or Lamborghini Murcielago LP640.�
-Motor Trend

揅hassis and steering responses are superb, making the car intuitively easy to place in any curve.�
-Car & Driver

揙wning one will help remind you of why you go to work in the first place.�
-Sports Car International

Carbon fiber body, aluminum suspension, 1971 lb weight, and tons of horsepower don't mean much if the car doesn't hold the road. Weight distribution is ideal at 53% rear and 47% front, giving the car forgiving handling characteristics and incredible traction. With its low enter of gravity, the LC470 digs into turns without the need for anti-roll bars. Aluminum racing seats and four-point harnesses keep you fully secure as the LC470 pulls up to 1.4 g's in corners on street tires. The Tremec TKO600 RR transmission was chosen, and gear ratios carefully selected, to match the vehicle's power and weight. With a 3.07:1 final drive ratio, a fuel injected aluminum V8 straight stock motor with 375hp takes you from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds in first gear, and has a top speed over 180mph.

Integral to the performance of the LC470 is perfection in steering and suspension geometry. All bump steer and scrub were eliminated from the LC470 for a stable platform with no undesirable characteristics at high speeds. Easily adjustable front and rear suspension on the LC470 allow for precise tuning of caster, camber and toe.

The best of everything is used throughout the car; from the Smiths gauges down to the F/911 aircraft grade bolts used throughout the LC470. Rated to a strength of 180,000 psi, the hardened alloy steel is extremely strong, providing longer wear life for both the bolts and the parts they anchor. High pressure aircraft-grade A/N stainless steel lines are used for all fuel, cooling, and brake systems. Elegant custom-fabricated, ceramic-coated, tuned headers and side pipes are standard on the LC470. The ceramic coating provides cooler operating temperatures, and the recess in the body keeps the exhaust out of the way.

old-world styling of the exterior.
Finding a performance car thats usable for taller drivers is rare. The Lucra LC470 has a respectable amount of space for driver and passenger. Driver position is fully reconfigurable to optimize balance and driving comfort regardless of the driver's height. To provide a custom fit, both the driver's seat and the Tilton 3-pedal assembly (with front/rear brake control) are adjustable, to bring the controls to the driver. Available space is another unique aspect of the LC470. The cockpit accommodates taller drivers (6'5"+), and the trunk easily holds two sets of golf clubs and luggage..

---- Specifications ----






5.7 liter LS6 V8


1971 lbs






400 hp




70.2 hp per liter

1/4 mile

11.6 seconds @ 129 mph

0-60 mph

3.4 seconds

Top Speed

over 180 mph

Source:Lucra via seriouswheels


At a first glance, few would guess that the first generation Audi TT shares a platform, engine and most of its mechanics with parent company Volkswagen's Golf as well as the VW Jetta, New Beetle, Seat Leon, Skoda Octavia etc., etc.




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Just a week ago, the rumor was spread that new TVRs will be coming to the U.S. and that they'll cook their tires with U.S. engines – but you'll probably have to wait until this year's Goodwood Festival of Speed to get the details. Now we've been told that you can buy remanufactured versions of the Tuscan, Sagaris, and T350, and you don't have to wait at all!

These old-as-new TVRs are being sold as rolling chassis, the same way you would buy a Superformance or Rossion, and have otherwise been made to comply with U.S. DOT laws. They're available through Carmel Motorsports in Indianapolis, and all you'll need to do after a phone call and a cash transfer is show up with an engine or a trailer.

We don't know where the supply of cars is coming from, however. The "official" TVR isn't building cars; these are coming from a company called Total Vehicle Remanufacturing. TVR, get it? We don't know anything about them, but hey, one call to Carmel can answer all your questions if you decide you're ready for the raw rear-wheel-drive power of what used to be Blackpool's finest.

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Kehidupan Rumah tangga selebritis, Kehidupan pribadi artis , kisah pribadi selebritis, Seminggu Sekali , Soraya Haque-Ekki Soekarno Bercinta,

Soraya HaqueKEHIDUPAN rumah tangga pasangan Soraya Haque dan Ekki Soekarno terlihat harmonis, meski sudah 19 tahun membina mahligai rumah tangga. Rajin bercinta rupanya menjadi kunci kelanggengan rumah tangga mereka.

Hubungan seks itu wajib, namun tidak mungkin setiap hari kami lakukan. Minimal sekali dalam sepekan,” tutur Soraya Haque yang ditemui okezone di Main Square Kidzania Jakarta, Mal Pacific Place, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta, Sabtu (27/2/2010).

Selain memerhatikan waktu, pasangan selebriti ini juga tak pernah bosan menciptakan inovasi gaya bercinta. Soraya mengatakan, variasi gaya bercinta penting dilakukan untuk membunuh rasa bosan di ranjang.

”Kita harus pintar mengatur setiap variasi bercinta. Pastinya setiap orang punya cara yang berbeda,” jelas ibu tiga anak ini.

Menurut pemilik nama lengkap Soraya Jasmine Haque, setiap pasangan sebaiknya menjalani hubungan intim dengan rasa senang dan jangan menganggap layaknya menunaikan kewajiban kepada pasangan.

Hubungan seks dilakukan bukan karena kewajiban, tapi lebih kepada relaksasi. Seperti layaknya orang yang mau pelesir ke pulau bisa menikmati acara tersebut,” tukas wanita kelahiran Plaju, Palembang 7 Februari 1965 ini.


alat kosmetikTips make up, tips kecantikan cara merias - Teknik Make Up - Merias Wajah ala Swedia, MERIAS wajah bukanlah hal yang mudah. Peralatan dan produk kecantikan tidak serta merta membuat Anda tampil cantik jika tidak dibarengi teknik merias wajah yang tepat. Berikut cara jitu dalam merias ala make up stylist asal Swedia, Jonas Wramell.

Secara kodrati, perempuan mendambakan kecantikan. Seorang perempuan akan melakukan berbagai cara agar memeroleh predikat cantik. Salah satu cara dalam mempercantik diri adalah merias wajah. “Banyak wanita yang menginginkan agar dirinya tampil cantik. Salah satu caranya dengan merawat diri, ditambah dengan menggunakan make up yang tepat,” jelas Jonas Wramell, make up stylist asal Swedia.

Untuk mendapatkan riasan wajah yang tepat, tentu membutuhkan keahlian dalam merias wajah. Produk-produk kecantikan yang kini banyak tersedia belumlah mutlak membuat wajah menjadi cantik tanpa perpaduan keahlian yang mempuni dalam mengaplikasikannya.

“Jika para wanita mengetahui trik dan tip yang tepat dalam ber-make up, saya yakin mereka dapat dengan mudah mengaplikasikan make up sendiri di rumah,” ucap pria yang telah 12 tahun mengarungi profesi sebagai make up artist di Swedia ini.

Dalam lawatannya di Jakarta, Jonas memberikan apresiasinya terhadap perempuan-perempuan Asia. “Warna kulit wanita Asia sangat bagus dan unik. Dengan menggunakan warna yang tepat, tentu penampilan wanita Asia akan terlihat semakin menarik,” jelasnya.

Begitu pula dalam perpaduan warna. Kulit perempuan Asia sangat compatible dengan segala macam warna. Contohnya, warna merah dan warna cokelat yang matching dengan warna kulit sawo matang dan kuning langsat. “Warna merah untuk lipstik disesuaikan dengan warna kulit orang Asia. Misalkan merah yang sedikit gelap, untuk mereka yang berkulit sawo matang,” urai Jonas.

Tak hanya itu, Jonas memberikan beberapa tip yang dapat dipraktikan oleh wanita di Indonesia. “Ada beberapa trik agar make up pada wajah semakin sempurna,” ucap Jonas. Yang pertama, ketika mengaplikasikan foundation pada wajah. Jonas menyarankan agar meratakan wajah dengan menggunakan kuas.

“Kuas berfungsi untuk meratakan krim foundation yang ada pada wajah,” ucap Jonas. Foundation diratakan dengan menggunakan kuas searah dengan pertumbuhan bulu-bulu halus pada wajah. Teknik ini berguna untuk membuat bulu-bulu wajah tertutup dan noda-noda serta bekas-bekas jerawat pada wajah tersamarkan.

Kemudian, ketika mengaplikasikan bedak, Jonas menyarankan untuk mengaplikasikannya dengan menggunakan spons padat. Lalu, saat mengaplikasikan bedak berguna untuk membuat bedak lebih menempel pada kulit wajah. Selain itu, bedak terlihat lebih rata.

Trik berikutnya adalah memberikan eyebrow shadow pada alis mata. “Saya selalu suka menggunakan eyebrow shadow untuk alis mata karena membuat wajah terlihat lebih alami,” ungkap Jonas. Untuk alis, Jonas memberikan saran untuk menaikkan sedikit bentuk alis agar terlihat lebih tegas.

Sedangkan jika ingin terlihat lembut, gunakan teknik membentuk alis secara alami. “Kalau ingin mendapatkan karakter yang tegas dan kuat, cukup bentuk dasar alis,” tambah Jonas.

Teknik yang digunakan Jonas dalam menggunakan eyebrow shadow adalah dengan mengaplikasikannya pada alis searah pertumbuhan alis. “Jadi, saat ditepuk-tepuk pada wajah secara perlahan berikan warna bedak yang setingkat lebih terang dari warna kulit. Dan teknik menggunakan bedak yang baik adalah dengan cara ditepuk-tepuk,” jelas Jonas.

Pengarsiran eyebrow shadow ke arah atas sesuai dengan pertumbuhan alis menurut Jonas berguna untuk membuat alis terlihat lebih alami.

Kemudian, Jonas juga memberikan tip yang tepat ketika menggunakan eyeliner. “Banyak wanita yang kesulitan dalam mengaplikasikan eyeliner. Mereka sering gemeteran ketika mengoleskan eyeliner. Padahal, ada trik khususnya,” tuturnya.

Sebelum mengoleskan eyeliner pada garis kelopak mata, berilah tanda berupa titik-titik sepanjang garis mata dengan menggunakan eyeliner.

“Dengan adanya titik-titik di garis mata, kita tidak perlu khawatir akan kesulitan atau belepotan dalam mengoleskan eyeliner,” pungkas Jonas.

Jonas juga memiliki trik khusus untuk mengaplikasikan maskara. “Banyak yang mengaplikasikan maskara hanya ke arah atas saja. Tetapi, yang paling bagus adalah dengan menggunakan tiga teknik yang berbeda dalam mengoleskan maskara,” jelasnya.

Untuk bulu mata bagian dalam, Jonas mengaplikasikan maskara ke arah dalam atau ke arah hidung. Sementara untuk bagian tengah bulu mata, Jonas mengaplikasikan maskara ke arah atas. Dan untuk bulu mata bagian ujung luar, Jonas mengoleskan maskara ke arah luar mata. “Teknik ini berguna untuk membuat bulu mata terlihat lebih tebal dan lentik,” katanya.

Untuk blush-on, Jonas memberikan saran, agar wanita tidak memulaskan blush-on hingga anak rambut. “Pemulasan blush-on jangan sampai ke arah anak rambut. Cukup sampai tulang pelipis saja. Dan jangan terlalu penuh dalam pemulasan blush-on,” lanjutnya. Kemudian, blush-on sangat baik jika dipulaskan di area tulang pipi.

“Alasannya, dengan memulaskan di area tulang pipi, maka pipi kita akan terlihat lebih bercahaya dan segar,” sambungnya.

Yang terakhir, agar perempuan tampil berbeda, Jonas memilihkan lipstik warna merah untuk bibir. “Lipstik warna merah membuat setiap wanita terlihat sensual, unik dan tetap terlihat unsur ketegasan,” ungkap Jonas.

Jika banyak yang belum berani mengaplikasikan warna tersebut, Jonas menyarankan agar para wanita belajar memakai lipstik merah tersebut di rumah.


dada toket cewek indahPayudara Indah - Tips wanita, tips kecantikan, menjaga payudara cewek, PAYUDARA merupakan aset kecantikan yang tak kalah pentingnya dengan kulit wajah dan tubuh. Untuk itu, perlu dilakukan perawatan maksimal demi menjaga bentuk dan kekencangannya, apalagi bagi mereka yang sudah menikah dan memiliki anak.

Bentuk payudara yang berubah setelah melahirkan dan menyusui ataupun kekencangannya yang berkurang seiring bertambahnya usia, sebenarnya bisa dirawat dan dikembalikan keindahannya. CBC Beauty Care menawarkan paket Breast Treatment yang bertujuan merawat bentuk payudara wanita untuk mendapatkan bentuk payudara indah, sekaligus menjaga kekencangannya.

Humas CBC Beauty Care Mieke Widyastuty mengatakan, mereka yang ingin mencoba Breast Treatment tersebut tidak perlu merasa khawatir, karena perawatan khusus payudara itu menggunakan bahan-bahan alami yang aman dalam penggunaannya. ”Dalam Breast Treatment, kami menggunakan slimming machine khusus payudara dengan pads yang berfungsi melatih otot-otot di daerah payudara, sekaligus memperlancar peredaran darah,” terangnya.

Mieke juga menjelaskan, exercise dengan slimming machine itu dilakukan kurang lebih 30 menit. ”Tidak boleh terlalu lama, karena payudara merupakan organ yang sangat sensitif,” paparnya. Bahan lain yang digunakan dalam membantu mengoptimalkan kerja pads breast adalah Ultrasound Gel, sebagai penghantar arus listrik pada kulit.

Adapun guna mengoptimalkan treatment, juga dibantu oleh Serum B&B yang berfungsi mengencangkan lapisan kulit epidermis pada payudara sekaligus membentuk dan mengangkat payudara. Terakhir, diaplikasikan masker kolagen yang akan mempertahan kan kekenyalan kulit payudara.

Mieke menjelaskan, Breast Treatment dikenakan biaya Rp220.000/treatment. ”Selain menggunakan bahan dan alat yang aman, treatment ini juga sepenuhnya diawasi dokter,” pungkas Meike.

(Koran SI/Koran SI/tty)

laura basuki bugilLaura Basuki Gak Mau Pamer Tubuh di Film, Sebagai pendatang baru di dunia akting, Laura Basuki termasuk artis yang sukses. Dia berhasil meraih penghargaan. Hal itu membuat Laura sangat selektif dalam memilih peran. Dan dia paling pantang pamer tubuh di film.

"Jangan sampai deh ambil peran yang ada adegan syur. Karena khawatir menghancurkan imejku. Kalau ada yang nawarin langsung aku tolak," kata Laura saat ditemui di bilangan Mangga Dua, Jakarta, belum lama ini.

Tak hanya itu, banyaknya beredarnya foto-foto syur artis di dunia maya, menjadi salah satu alasan artis berwajah oriental ini menolak peran-peran di film-film yang banyak menjual adegan vulgar daripada segi ceritanya.

"Aku nggak mau salah langkah. Aku nggak mau terjebak, seperti kejadian sekarang. Banyak yang suka menghadirkan foto-foto syur, padahal kita nggak melakukannya," tandasnya.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

At next week's Geneva Motor Show, Ford will stage the world premiere of the fifth member of its Focus family after the five-door hatchback, four-door sedan and the C-MAX and Grand C-MAX minivans, the station wagon model.

According to our sources, the more practical and roomy Focus SW (also known as the Estate in some countries) will initially be launched in Europe. However, if there's enough interest by buyers in other international markets, Ford will add the station wagon variant to its global range of Focus models in the very near future.

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CLR X 650 M - that is the name of the BMW X6M after it underwent a rejuvenation by LUMMA Design. Instead of the serial 555 hp (408 kW), the V8-engine now renders powerful 650 hp (478 kW). Also, LUMMA Design increases the maximum torque from 680 to breathtaking 830 Newton metres. Thereby, the top speed rises to 312 kph. This enormous performance enhancement of the BMW is owed to the catalyst replacement pipes, the sports exhaust system and the adjusted engine electronics which LUMMA Design especially optimised for this automobile in elaborate tests. The matching sound for this newly gained power is rendered by the end muffler "Sportsound" with its four stainless steel end pipes measuring 100 millimetres in diameter.

Aerodynamics kit and undercarriage enhance the performance

Matching the increased performance, the CLR X 650 M presents itself confidently with a broad aerodynamics kit. Already the new front skirt with the LED daytime running lights leaves no doubt for the bold appearance of the refined BMW. The wheel house extensions and the side skirt confirm the dynamic look which is further enhanced by 40 millimetre lowered undercarriage. The rear skirt, the boot lid top and the rear spoiler lip render a harmonious transformation. The great attention to detail used by the designers from Winterlingen in Germany, shows in a wide range of refinement, such as lateral indicator covers or the varnished sports-look carbon bonnet. Also the headlight blinds and the shaded rear light set contribute to the dynamic appearance.

For ideal road grip, there are four 315 millimetres wide ultra high-performance tyres by Michelin which are fitted to 11x23 inch Blackline Monoblock rims. The dynamic look of the voluminous black rims stems from the multipart look and the outer well made of stainless steel. This impression is further enhanced by varnished brake callipers which poke out between the spokes.

LUMMA Design also developed the interior as dynamic and performance-oriented as the new exterior. Leather and ultra-suede can be found for example at the ergonomically formed sports steering wheel. Rails made of orange-coloured carbon and pedals and foot rests made of aluminium moreover indicate the vitality of this automobile. The same applies for the illuminated door sills with the lettering "CLR X 650 M" and the extended speedometer range up to 360 kph displaying the LUMMA-Logo.

LUMMA Design confirms its love for detail also in the interior. Both the floor mats and also the boot mat are made of velour, have a leather edging and are adorned with the LUMMA coat of arms logo. The type plate with the consecutive serial number enhances the exclusive character of the CLR X 650 M.

BMW's plan to build a sporty SUV has been perfectly completed by LUMMA Design. The automobile is already serially equipped with a powerful engine, but it only starts turning into a thoroughbred sports car as a CLR X 650 M. More information is available at
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The classic American outfitter, J. Crew, currently available only in North America and Japan, has plans to spread its global wings through a new agreement with Net-A-Porter that will take them first into Canada and next into the U.K.

Hard to believe:

"We're not capable of shipping outside of the United States," Lyons explains. "We have received an overwhelming request from our customers to be available overseas."
Jenna Lyons serves as J. Crew creative director.

Read more here.

With long tassel, white leather strap! So adorable!

More items on Vintage Paris Eshop!

Additional information, please email or call + 33 1 42 71 13 41. You may alsovisit us at 97 Rue Vieille du Temple 75003 Paris, France. When contacting us, please reference the description of the item and include your address, phone number and e-mail so that we may get back to you.

The new concept car offers a particularly good rendition of the new BMW 5 Series Sedan in all its dynamic, efficient and innovative qualities, at the same time representing the ongoing development of the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 and the BMW ActiveHybrid 7 with their drivetrain technology already in production.

The drive system featured in the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid consists of a straight-six gasoline engine with TwinPower Turbo technology, eight-speed automatic transmission, and electric drive. Integration of BMW ActiveHybrid technology in a sedan already extremely efficient with its "conventional" combustion engine reduces both fuel consumption and emissions once again by more than 10 per cent. At the same time the electric motor offers a boost function, supporting the gasoline engine in generating particularly dynamic drive power for an even more sporting driving experience in the car.

Intelligent energy management likewise serves to enhance the efficiency of the overall system, its unique functions ensuring appropriate control and management of all energy paths within the car and appropriate interaction of the drivetrain components precisely adjusted to driving conditions.

The drivetrain technology featured in the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid allows all-electric, zero-emission motoring in city traffic. At the same time a special hybrid-based Auto Start Stop function offers additional efficiency by consistently switching off the combustion engine when stopping at the traffic lights, a road junction, or in congested traffic. Optimised comfort, finally, is provided by the auxiliary climate control function already featured in the BMW ActiveHybrid 7.

Special development of ActiveHybrid technology as part of BMW EfficientDynamics.

The concept car based on the new BMW 5 Series Sedan for the first time presents the next generation of BMW ActiveHybrid technology, a special solution exclusive to BMW for intelligent interaction of the combustion engine and electric drive focused specifically on the requirements made of a dynamic sedan in the upper midrange segment.

Taking this approach, BMW is consistently continuing the development of hybrid technology according to a modular principle (best of hybrid), thus offering the optimum rendition of BMW ActiveHybrid technology for each concept and vehicle segment.

In accordance with the BMW EfficientDynamics development strategy, this ensures highly effective and practical use of hybrid technology for the reduction of both fuel consumption and emissions.

Also in the BMW Series Sedan segment: the BMW among hybrids combines supreme dynamics with maximum efficiency.

The combustion engine is supported in the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid by an electrical drive system developed specifically for this model and arranged in compact dimensions between the straight-six combustion engine and the automatic transmission. Drawing its energy from a high-voltage battery at the back of the car, the electric motor develops maximum output of 40 kW.

An automatic clutch connects the gasoline engine and the electric motors.

Due to the particularly high level of torque generated from the start through the electric motors, the interaction of the two drive systems ensures extremely spontaneous and dynamic acceleration whenever required.

Perfectly integrated, precisely controlled: high-voltage battery supplying power to both the electric motor and the on-board network.

In overrun and when applying the brakes, the electric drive systems acts as a generator developing electric power fed into the high-voltage battery. This converts kinetic energy otherwise wasted as heat in the brake system into electric power saved for subsequent use.
Such energy obtained without any further consumption of fuel may then be used to generate drive power or operate electrical functions in the car.

This principle is the same as that of Brake Energy Regeneration already applied in BMW's current production models, with the level of electrical energy generated by the electric motor being significantly greater and the increase in efficiency correspondingly higher.

The high-voltage battery likewise developed for this specific concept is fitted within a high-strength special case near the rear axle of the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid. This leads to an optimum position in terms of both safety and harmonious weight distribution. An integrated control unit permanently analyses the charge status of the high-voltage battery and controls both the battery charge process by way of Brake Energy Regeneration and the system cooling process. Apart from the electric motor, the high-voltage battery also delivers electric power to the car's on-board network. Among other things, this allows efficient operation of the car's auxiliary climate control activated whenever required by a remote control function to cool down the car's interior significantly even before starting the engine.

Convenient use of the all-electric driving mode and the Auto Start Stop function is likewise guaranteed in this way, with all electrical functions such as the audio system, climate control or navigation remaining fully available even with the combustion engine switched off.

Unique: intelligent energy management with advance analysis of driving conditions.

BMW ActiveHybrid technology provides its unique potential in terms of both efficiency and driving dynamics under all kinds of conditions and throughout a wide load range.

Unlike conventional hybrid cars whose extra efficiency is largely limited to city traffic, both the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 and the BMW ActiveHybrid 7, by combining the combustion engine and the electric motor, are able to offer significantly lower fuel consumption and emission ratings also at higher speeds. This is made possible by technically sophisticated power electronics masterminding the interaction of the combustion engine and electric motor and thus optimising the overall efficiency of the drive system as a whole.

The BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid once again raises the range of functions provided by such power electronics to an even higher standard. As an example, the energy contained in the fuel and provided by the high-voltage battery may now be used even more specifically and efficiently to provide that Sheer Driving Pleasure so typical of BMW.

Taking additional factors into account, the interaction of the two drive units in the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid is tailored to the driver's requirements and current driving conditions with maximum precision. At the same time the power electronics also control the operation of the car's ancillary units and comfort functions, again in the interest of maximum efficiency.

The range and diversity of parameters taken into account by the system is indeed quite unique in the automobile, just as the number of functions controlled in this way. A high level of all-round networking allows the power electronics to provide intelligent energy management, thus optimising the operating strategy of the entire vehicle under all conditions.

A further unique feature of energy management in the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid is the car's ability to adjust its operating strategy not just to current, but also to upcoming driving conditions. To do this the power electronics from the start evaluate data indicating a possible change in exterior conditions or the driver's wishes and prepare the components in the drivetrain as well as the car's electronic system for a possible change in requirements.

To analyse driving conditions up front, the system uses data provided by engine and chassis management as well as the sensors in the driver assistance systems on board the car. Data saved in the navigation system on the route chosen by the driver likewise goes into the final calculation, enabling the system to forecast driving conditions on the route directly ahead. Then, proceeding from this analysis, the car is coordinated in advance and the optimum use of all systems serves to use the energy available with maximum efficiency.

Should the system determine, for example, that the autobahn ahead is about to lead downhill, the charge level of the high-voltage battery is intelligently controlled in advance to regain brake energy upfront with maximum efficiency.

Similarly, the high-voltage battery may be fully charged in good time before the driver reaches his destination, enabling the system to switch off the combustion engine at an early point and change to all-electric drive along the final stretch of road. Indeed, this forward-looking function is able to extend the cruising range on electric power by up to 30%.

The BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid: the future of driving pleasure and efficiency in the upper midrange segment.

Optimised to an even higher standard in the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid, the drivetrain and control systems underline the great significance of hybrid technology as a cornerstone of BMW EfficientDynamics. Looking at a new generation of hybrid technology from BMW featured in the BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid therefore offers particularly attractive perspectives, the ongoing development of BMW ActiveHybrid technology serving to provide substantial progress in all areas leading to a harmonious all-round concept with distinctive features typical of the brand.

The BMW Concept 5 Series ActiveHybrid is therefore more dynamic, efficient and more intelligent than conventional representatives of this drive technology, standing out clearly as the BMW among hybrid cars in this segment.

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syahrini ananggosip syahrini dan anang Syahrini Dapat Ciuman dari Anang - Pasangan baru, duetAnang Hermansyah dan Syahrini tampil perdana di acara Dahsyatnya Awards, Jumat (26/2/2010) malam. Syahrini yang mendampingi Anang membawakan lagu 'Jangan Memilih Aku' itu pun terkejut saat di akhir penampilannya, ciuman Anang berlabuh di pipi Syahrini.

"Kaget sih, aku sampai bengong," ujar Syahrini kepada wartawan usai mengisi acara Dahsyatnya Awards, di Mangga Dua Square, Jakarta Utara, Jumat (26/2/2010) malam.

Menurut gadis kelahiran Bogor 1 Agustus 1982 itu, ciuman yang diberikan Anang diatas panggung merupakan bentuk apresiasi terhadap dirinya. Ia pun menyambutnya dengan suka cita.

Dicium kok bingung? "Bukannya bingung, tapi aku kaget, kayak kejutan aja," tuturnya lagi.

Semua kejadian itu murni tanpa adanya perencanaan dari Anang ataupun Syahrini. Pelantun 'Bohong' itu pun hanya bisa bengong dan terdiam diri atas bentuk apresiasi duda dua anak yang diberikan kepadanya. Jangan-jangan cinta beneran nih?

Pagani has released pictures of the Zonda Tricolore, a car based on the Zonda Cinque but with some marked differences. Only one Tricolore will be built and presumably it will be the same unit unveiled at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show. Its purpose is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Italian equivalent of the British Red Arrows Display team which is known as the ‘Frecce Tricolori'.

Presumably the last iteration of the hyper-exotic Zonda before the new C9 hits production, the Tricolore edition honors the Italian air force aerobatics team, known as the Frecce Tricolori. Based on the exclusive Zonda Cinque, the Tricolore is constructed from a special carbon-titanium weave left bare but for a clear blue lacquer. Red, white and green stripes run up from the nose along the top of the car's surface, passing by the unique vertical fin air intakes.

Its tub is also made from carbon fibre weaved with titanium wire while the exterior is just carbon fibre. The front end features special LED lights that look like the tail fin of an airplane. Instead of the Cinque's air intake snorkel, the Tricolore has a small vertical fin on top of the engine cover whose nature and purpose will be fully revealed at Geneva. The transmission is an automated paddle-shift type.

LED running lights are also unique to the Tricolore, of which only one example will be built and sold at a whopping 1.3 million euros, or about $1.75M in American funds. The Tricolore is slated to be unveiled at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show.
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We've been hearing a lot about Ferrari's Geneva-bound 599 Hybrid concept model for quite some time now, but the Italian supercar maker apparently can't keep it under wraps anymore as the first photos of the prototype model made it onto the web today.


In response to initial reports, Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo confirmed during the Ferrari F10 Formula 1 car launch that a 599 hybrid concept was indeed under development. Now photos have surfaced from a private presentation and they are quite detailed.


The system comprises of an electric motor producing somewhere around 100 horsepower and 137Nm (110 lb-ft) of torque that is attached on the back-end of the rear-mounted transmission, and a battery pack located under the floor.


Looking at the photos with strategically placed mirrors for optimum viewing, we can see the electric motor attached to the rear of the differential. Located just beneath the floor pan is the battery labeled "Danger High Voltage."


Last but not least, we were told that the hybrid system is still in its infancy stage and will most likely take a few years to be offered on a series production model.


With its agile handling and direct steering, the new Audi A1 is just a lot of fun. Dr. Horst Glaser, Head of Chassis Development at AUDI AG, tested the A1 together with DTM pilot Markus Winkelhock. The verdict was as follows:

Audi A1, Audi Head of Chassis Development, Dr. Horst Glaser, with Audi DTM driver Markus Winkelhock

The new Audi A1 offers a very sophisticated chassis, balanced weight distribution and a low center of gravity. "That is a guarantee for maximum driving enjoyment," says Horst Glaser, Head of Chassis Development at AUDI AG. Because it connects the driver to the road, the steering is one of the most important components of a sporty car. The A1 therefore comes standard with electrohydraulic power steering that has a very direct 14.8:1 steering ratio and is also more efficient than a purely hydraulic


Audi A1, Audi Head of Chassis Development, Dr. Horst Glaser, with Audi DTM driver Markus Winkelhock

Another factor for the agile and safe handling of the A1 is the perfect tuning of the front axle bearings, the stabilizer bars, the springs and the dampers. The rear axle features a torsion-beam suspension with the springs and dampers separated. "The car is very well sprung. It swallows up bumps of almost any size without any amplification of the motions," says DTM pilot Markus Winkelhock when describing his impressions.

Audi A1 first official photos

One new Audi technology is on board every version of the A1 - the ESP stabilization system with an innovative electronic axle differential lock. The brakes are applied slightly to the inside wheel in a curve, allowing more torque to be transferred to the wheel on the outside of the curve. The vehicle is very agile and the handling remains neutral even longer.

Audi A1 first official photos

"After driving the Audi A1 for the first time, my opinion is clear: It's the benchmark in the small compact class," says Winkelhock.

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